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Steve Grose

Girls Brigade

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A Growing Disciple
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Have You Considered Jesus?
LIFE Anglican Church -Riverstone

6-7:30 pm Tuesday Nights


Join us for a tremendous opportunity for development, as girls between the ages of 7 and 18 meet to be trained in the social, spiritual, physical and mental disciplines that produce character.
Ring Margaret on 4929 1808
or Lorelle on 4927 8378
for details.


It saddens me to have to make a public announcement about a situation that is now causing concern and confusion in our community around the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle. Several folks in our community, and particularly in Dawson street, have brought to my attention that a group of people have assembled themselves across the road from the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle calling themselves the Newcastle Christian Ministries Centre, a Baptist church. This church is in NO WAY associated with the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle. We do not endorse their ministry in any way, Their "Rangers" programme advertised in letterboxes recently is NOT the same as our Boys or Girls' Brigade programmes.
Please know that our church, the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle does NOT endorse this group in any way. 

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