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Jeff and Jo Shepley 


Jeff and jo Shepley and their two children Olivia, and Elijah, moved on December 28th to Hoskins in New Britain in Papua New Guinea.
After four years of training in Mueller College Brisbane and then at New tribes Mission in Lauriton, NSW,  Jeff and Jo will be  learning Pidgin and they will get oriented to PNG culture, before hopefully moving into the bush somewhere.  This is an essential first step in their  overall goal of tribal church planting.
Please pray daily for Jeff and Jo, members of the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle.


Peter and Tracy Harrison
Pete, Tracy, Luke, Jacob & Becky are ministering on the Russian island of Sakhalin off the East coast of Russia.  The island is located North of Japan.
The Harrisons are primarlily ministering to Russian orphans.
Peter and Tracey have had a long history with us here at the Tabernacle where they grew up and came to know the Lord.
We support them in their ministry. Their website for ministry is
Please click there to see the family at work.


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