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Steve Grose

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Designed by Frederick Menkens, the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle was built in 1889-90, with the foundation stones being laid by Mrs William Arnott, wife of the well-known baker and biscuit-maker. Patterned on Spurgeon's Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle in London, Pastor Seth Jones provided a refuge in the city for those seeking salvation in Christ. The Baptist Tabernacle has been favoured with a tremendous preaching and teaching ministry over its lifetime as the hub church of the Newcastle City. It has hosted guests such as Oswald J. Smith of the People's Temple, Toronto, and R.G.Lee of Bellvue Baptist Church Tennessee.
We believe that the Lord desires each believer to become a mature disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our greatest desire is to assist you in growing in Christ. "That we may present every person mature in Christ." -Col.1:28
For this reason, we provide opportunities for believers' to mature in these four areas:


Rev. Steve Grose has been pastor at the Tabernacle since December 1996.

He has a B.Th 1984, Dip Min, Dip T 1980. Previous ministry experience includes:-

East Hills Baptist Church (1991-96)

Glen Innes Baptist Church (1987-90)

Kiama Baptist Church (1984-86)

Steve has been involved in church planting at Kiama in 1984, and then again at Holsworthy in 1992.

Steve is well known as a conservative evangelical teacher and preacher.

Married to Lorelle, they have 3 daughters - Eleisha(22), Amy(20) and Bethany(18).

Pastor Steve may be contacted on 02 4927 8378

or by email at