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Congratulations on your engagement!

The Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle is a classic stained-glass 18th Century church that doesn't look empty with 60 guests, but can accommodate up to 300.

We at the Newcastle Tab are committed to upholding marriage as the best lifestyle choice for couples. If you are looking for a church wedding where you turn up on The Day and thats it, then please do not bother reading on, the Tab is not the church for you.

'Any fool can get married. It's a lot harder to stay married.'

Our commitment to marriage drives us to require that all our engaged couples undertake a relationship coaching course prior to their wedding. This course can be taken with our minister. The minister who meets with you is usually the minister who will conduct your wedding service.

In addition, your minister will meet with you to help you both think through the vows and promises that you will make on your wedding day. This will help you to better understand marriage and ensure that your wedding won't be an empty religious ceremony, but rather, you both will feel the weight of your promises as you make them. This will make your wedding a far more profound and memorable moment in your life together. These meetings also provide opportunity to tailor your wedding to meet your dreams!

Your minister will give you our Wedding Preparation Checklist which will ensure that every last detail of your wedding is covered, and we can suggest the names of various suppliers for you (e.g., organists, florists & photographers). We receive no financial incentive from these suppliers.

The Fine Print
If you would like to explore getting married at Newcastle Tab, we ask that you come to one of our Sunday meetings (10:30am or 7:00pm) to see the layout of our church and to get to know one of the ministry team over morning tea or supper after the meeting.

We can then map out a wedding preparation timetable that will ensure that you both will be completely prepared for your wedding.

Your donation is directed towards the maintenance of the building and stained glass that looks so good in your photographs.

We strongly suggest that you both make a point of attending several Sunday meetings at the Newcastle Baptist Tab prior to your wedding. We suggest this for 2 reasons;
1. you will have a chance to get comfortable with the minister who will marry you and the style of service that he conducts, and

2. we know you love each other, that's why you're getting married. The best way to succeed at anything in life is to aim to achieve it at the highest level. The highest, best and purest form of love we know is God's love for us. The Bible says that God loved us so much that he let his only son die in our place so that our sins might be dealt with and that we might be brought back into a right relationship with God. We explain this love of God for us at our Sunday meetings.

'This is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice for our sins'

Divorce does not necessarily preclude one from being remarried. We deal with this matter on a case by case basis. Plese ask our Pastor about this.

We look forward to seeing you and your fiancÚ at one of our Sunday meetings (10:30am or 7:00pm).

You may ring our Pastor, Steve Grose on 4927 8378 to discuss your wedding.

Arrangements need to be made at least one month before the wedding date.



A small upper hall is available for a small gathering after the wedding service. The small hall seats about 30 comfortably.

Terms of agreement for the use of our rooms and building are available as a pdf file upon request.

The down stairs halls and kitchen will be available for use weekdays or weekends, subject to availability.

FROM YOU SOON. 4927 8378



Premarital Counselling

Of course, a truly solid marriage takes much more than luck, but in the spirit of lucky 7s, let's look at seven tips to help Saturday's brides and grooms look beyond finger-crossing en route to cultivating a lasting marriage.

1. Marriage may not be what you think it will be.

Each spouse has different expectations of what a marriage will be like. More often than not, these expectations just aren't realistic. Premarital counseling - A requirement by many pastors - is a great tool to help couples work through their differing opinions of what married life will be like before the vows are made. But consistent, ongoing and honest communication will need to continue throughout the relationship - as will mutual love and respect.

2. Get on the same page financially.

Money is often the number one cause of conflict in a marriage. Couples should sit down - before they are married or soon after - to work out a budget they both can live with, and again set clear expectations for their marriage. This will allow a couple to save, deal with unexpected expenses and charitable giving, and still allow them the freedom to plan for "fun expenses."

3. Sex & intimacy.

Sex is an important part of any marriage, but an area that couples are often afraid to discuss openly. Couples have varying sexual appetites and desires, so they can't compare themselves to other couples or what appears "normal" in television and movies. Each couple will have their own unique "comfort zone." Often, dysfunction in a sexual relationship has a lot to do with a couple's overall health. Even though you may not want to admit that your sex life has fizzled, it may signal a deeper issue and should not be overlooked.

4. Develop a plan for resolving conflict.

All couples have conflict, and it's OK to have disagreements in a marriage. However, verbal or physical abuse is never healthy. Husbands and wives should never attack each other with statements like "I hate you" or "I wish I never married you." Instead, they should deal with disagreements quickly, attack the problem not the person, stick with the subject at hand and remember it is more important to maintain the relationship than win the fight. Couples should always strive to keep their disagreements in private -- to argue in public can humiliate a spouse, making him or her become defensive and less likely to reconcile.

5. What happens when we "fall out of love"?

Those who define love as that weak-in-the-knees feeling that comes on a first date occasionally will wonder if they still love their spouse. Romance is only one type of love in a marriage. At times, spouses may feel like they don't even like each other anymore. Unconditional love must always be the foundation of your marriage -- not romantic feelings, which can come and go. Successful married couples are those who develop deep friendships with their mates: They laugh together, cry together, do things they love together. Couples that have happy marriages often see their spouse as their best friend.

6. A marriage takes three.

For many couples, their faith is a common bond in their marriage. Faith can help Strengthen couples when they are faced with overwhelming stress in their lives, and churches can provide young couples a supportive community (especially for couples living far from family). It is important to look at spiritual matters before getting married to be sure both spouses agree how God will factor into their marriage.

7. Children are stressful on a marriage.

Between the sleepless nights, endless diaper changes and constant feedings, couples quickly realize that having a child is one of the most stressful and intense moments in their marriage. That baby eventually will sleep through the night, but then it's carpools and soccer practice. When children arrive, couples need to be prepared to make sacrifices, period. The addition of children changes marriage forever, and there is never a time when maintaining a loving, lasting marriage is more important.

It is possible to have a marriage that truly lasts until "to death do us part." But it will take much more than luck. It will take persistence, hard work and lots of honest communication.

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